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"Serving Alberta's Aboriginal Veterans"

The Aboriginal Veterans Society of Alberta was founded by First Nation, Metis and Non - Status Veterans in 1983.


The Aboriginal Veterans Society’s mandate is to organize and unite all Aboriginal veterans for advocacy and support for each other and to facilitate activities such as the duties we undertake for other organizations who call upon us for parade and honouring assistance.


Our veterans are of the past wars and are of an age group in the seniors or Elders category. Our membership is aging and our goal is to ensure the appropriate acknowledgement for their efforts.


Our goal is to honor all the Veterans who are still with us and those who have passed on to ensure future generations will know the contributions made by our Aboriginal Veterans.


Our goal in th immediate futrue is to locate and pay tribute to all Alberta Aboriginal Veterans (First Nation, Metis and Inuit) by having their stories recorded on this website and in future publications.


We require your assistance to identify and locate Alberta Aboriginal Veterans that you know and to assist with their information to ensure proper recognition.


Any information on our veterans that you can assist with or have to contribute is greatly appreciated.

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