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Unsung Warriors

For the many Aboriginals / Indians / First Nations and Metis Women and Men that gave their lives for the Quest of Freedom and Safety of our land "CANADA". Freedom for people of many Races and Nations to enjoy and know. Some Aboriginal service persons did not have the chance to see this "Free Canada". A land they shared, fought and died for.


Like the encounter with "Champlain", who was welcome with open arms and heart by the Indians saying "KANATA". In Cree language means "clean". A clean land to share with all peoples and nature. The Freedom of "CANADA" cannot fall on those Aboriginal service persons, who gave their lifestyles and lives. But also on the many aboriginal people that couldn’t wear the uniform for good reasons. These people are the real "Unsung Warriors". Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mothers, Children, mainly the spouses and friends that kept the home fires going back home, in Canada. They gave more than as ever been accounted for.


To all these ABORIGINAL PEOPLE, I give an Eagle's Feather. Thank you for keeping me alive and well.


Hay Hay


By "Shatoes" Don Chalifoux, CD. Sgt. (Retired) Royal Canadian Air Forces  

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